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How to Have an Effective Conversation With Your Boss

Photo by laverrueTrying to talk to your boss can be uncomfortable and awkward. But if you know the right way to approach your superiors, you can survive the encounter and even thrive in your workplace.

Effective communication with your boss is essential for many reasons. If you want to ask for a raise or […]

I use communication to create and master my happiness.

Photo by WTL photosThe way I communicate with myself and others shapes my world. What I say can bring either happiness or sadness, and I choose to communicate in a way that makes me happy. I create happiness for myself.

I am honest with myself because truth can pave the way to greater joy. […]

I am an attentive listener.

Photo by dff.jiscI am an attentive listener because I genuinely value what others have to say. I benefit most from the communication process when I use active listening skills.

The first thing I do when I communicate with others is to show them that they can trust me. When someone is speaking to me, […]

Active Listening Techniques

Active listening is an important life skill. Your listening skills can impact many aspects of your life, including how well you do your job or the quality of your personal relationships.

If you’re serious about maximizing your success, then you have to be serious about becoming a strong communicator. Although good communication skills include the […]

I commit to fully discussing my thoughts and feelings.

I commit to fully discussing my thoughts and feelings because I know that the key to a fulfilling life is through healthy relationships, and the only way to achieve healthy relationships is through a continual dedication to openness and […]