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How to Make Decisions That Are Right for You

Photo by Toban BlackDecision-making can be stressful. The stress is worse when you try to make decisions based on what everyone else wants you to do. The best kinds of decisions are the ones that you make that lead you to the happiness and success you deserve!

Input from your family and friends can […]

How to Make Good Decisions Fast

Photo by Ryo,Do you ever feel like you’re pressured into making decisions before you’re truly ready? It’s always a good idea to weigh your alternatives and make your decision in a calm fashion. Sometimes, though, you may not have a lot of time on your hands, and in these situations you can speed up […]

I make decisions with the big picture in mind.

Photo by Pete ReedI keep my priorities and goals in clear view so that, regardless of the circumstances, I do what I know to be the right thing for me. Even if emotions run high in a disagreement or the distractions of the day try to take away my focus, I automatically think of […]

I live a life filled with clear priorities.

I strive to clarify my priorities and let these guide me in my thoughts, words, actions, and decisions. This brings me a joyous life because I know I am focused on what is most important to my loved ones and myself.

Photo by zeneraWhen my thoughts are focused on my priorities, conflicting emotions of […]

I am entitled to veto bad habits and poor decisions.

I am not perfect and that’s okay.

Every decision I make brings me closer to my ultimate goal. Every step I take moves me forward. I am the ruler of my own life, and, as leader, I manage the behaviors of my mind and heart.

Bad habits and poor decisions don’t just happen all of […]