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I am in control of jump-starting my goals.

I am self-motivated when it comes to taking action to achieve my goals. No one has to tell me to get started! I set goals because they are something I desire and my passion drives me to get what I want.

The very first thing I do when I set a goal is to write […]

Change in my life

My expectations come with its own eraser, so I can always make changes at will.

Change in my life is like putting on a new outfit that shows off the fresh, enhanced me.

There is nothing like the feeling of wearing a new outfit for the first time! It shows a new image of me. […]

From Where Does Personal Development Begin?

Jacklyn Ker & Stuart Tan

First the heart

Where does personal development begin in a person? It begins first in the heart, then in the mind. It begins with a desire in the heart. My friend Jacklyn Ker was a lupus patient for many years. Her condition had worsened and developed into many complications […]

I need no special circumstance to stop and reflect.

Life is not a race, and I work and live at my own pace. I pause to observe where I am and what I am doing as well as what I need to do next.

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