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I reach my destiny through positive energy.

Photo by smlions12Positive energy flows through my body. I breathe it in with every breath and exhale anything negative.

Unhealthy energy avoids me. It rolls right off of me, and I refrain from allowing it to be a part of my life. Only positive energy has a place in my life and destiny.

I […]

I am the author of my destiny.

Photo by James JordanI have the ability to determine what becomes of my life. With every decision I make and every action I take, I write on the pages of the book of my life.

I become what I do. Therefore, I only do the things that bring me closer to where I want […]

Fear is no match for my strong spirit and will.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyMy will and my spirit are stronger than any dart of fear aimed in my direction. When disappointment strikes, I remain confident in myself because I am certain that great success is within my reach.

Though fear may relentlessly try to come against me, my strong will helps me reject fear over […]

As I move forward, I grow wiser.

I move forward because standing still is the only guaranteed way to fail. Moving forward, whether I walk through victories or defeats, is the only way I will learn and grow.

Every step I take brings me one step closer to my goals. While on the journey to my dreams, I gather wisdom from […]

I boldly go where I am destined to be.

I know that great things await me! My destiny lies in going out to meet it rather than sitting around waiting for something to happen. Therefore, I bravely step outside my comfort zone to embrace it wholeheartedly!

Staying inside my comfort zone is safe. But then again, so is staying inside my house and never […]