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My future is shining brightly.

Photo by Benzene Mohamed Aseel HassanLife is good! I can barely wait to wake up to a new day each morning.

Looking back on my time in the trenches, working my way up the ladder, reminds me how “slow and steady wins the race.” I am living proof that hard work and dedication is […]

I take care of my family’s needs.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyI take care of my family’s needs because I am a responsible, loving provider. Whatever my family needs, I provide through hard work and dedication. My job is to love my family and meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

I make sacrifices for my family’s well being. I work tirelessly to […]

I connect with my family by turning off distractions.

Photo by Werner Kunz (werkunz1)I turn off all types of distractions in order to give my full attention to my family. Making my family a priority helps them to feel the love that I have for them.

The computer is a resource for me to work and stay connected with family and friends. When […]

I am able to say no and forgive myself from trying to do it all.

I actively seek out relaxation in my life.

Saying no to people is getting easier and easier as I take better control of my life. I am no longer lost in the confusion of trying to do everything for everybody. Instead, I free myself from trying to please others as I learn to say […]

Being balanced and fulfilled is accomplished by handling things in moderation.

I know when to leave work at work.

I pursue everything in my life with passion; however, I keep myself from overdoing it. I know that too much focus in one area distracts me from other areas. I strive to maintain a balance so I can fulfill my desires in every aspect of my life.