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My life is full of joy, health, and happiness.

Photo by tapperboyMy life is filled with everything good. Inside my heart there is an overabundance of positive emotions. When I think about my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all my blessings. True joy is the result of a grateful heart.

There are innumerable sources of joy in my life. My family […]

Happiness exists in the now.

Happiness does not exist in yesterday’s memories or tomorrow’s hopes; it exists now.

I cherish the pleasant memories of days gone by, but I refrain from living in the past. Likewise, I let go of any tendency to try to put off my life until a better day. Tomorrow may never come!

Today is what […]

I am emotionally prepared for any challenge.

Life can throw at me what it will, but I know I can handle it because I am in charge of my emotions. I gratefully accept all emotions, good and not so good, because the entire spectrum of emotions is part of my wonderful human heritage.

When I have positive emotions, like joy and happiness, […]

As I let go of perfectionism and pressure, I feel the burden lifted from my shoulders.

I can remain calm in times of change.

I release the thought that I must do everything without a single error or misstep. No one is perfect and striving to be superhuman only brings stress and disappointment. As the thought dissipates, so, too, do the pressure and stress I had put upon myself.

I can […]

I care about my life and my life’s work.

I am an important piece of my family puzzle and I believe in my value. Through my actions, I make a difference in the world, and I enjoy the feeling of bringing happiness, support, and love to others.

I acknowledge the importance of what I do in life. I whole-heartedly believe that I […]