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Living an active lifestyle keeps me healthy.

Photo by mikebairdMy body is aging, but there are habits I can form today to keep me young. Regardless of my current age, body type, and weight, I am well able to maintain a healthy lifestyle because I owe it to myself.

Staying active shields my body from diseases and allows me to live […]

I take strides towards a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Photo by Dawn DMy ultimate goal is to lead an exciting, vibrant life, with stories of my adventures to pass down for generations to come! I want to be the one to tell my great grandchildren about backpacking through Europe, exploring the Canadian wilderness, or swimming with the dolphins!

I know that taking care […]

My body and mind are vibrant, healthy, and whole.

Photo by hapalI am a beautiful, healthy, vibrant person, both inside and out. I see the value in myself as a human being. I see the inner and outer beauty that I possess. I am a unique and precious creation to be treasured.

Physically, I am strong and healthy. I know that I am […]

From Where Does Personal Development Begin?

Jacklyn Ker & Stuart Tan

First the heart

Where does personal development begin in a person? It begins first in the heart, then in the mind. It begins with a desire in the heart. My friend Jacklyn Ker was a lupus patient for many years. Her condition had worsened and developed into many complications […]

If I feel that I may stumble, I consciously decide that I will not revert back to old habits.

I do not sweat the small stuff.

I am the one primarily responsible for my own well being, therefore, I pay attention to the signals that my mind and body send me. I am vigilant in keeping myself from renewing bad habits, especially in those times when it is tempting to slip.

I build and […]