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The world around me is my canvas.

The world around me is a blank canvas on which I paint with the colors of my attitude and character. As the artist of my own world, I choose to create hope with each brush stroke. Every decision I make leaves a mark on my portrait that will adorn or tarnish it.

Sanity may […]

Hope is my daily melody.

Every day I wake up with renewed strength and a resolve to make today a great day. I arm myself with positivity and take along a winning attitude. As I step out into the world, I begin to hear the beautiful melody of hope that follows me wherever I go.

A problem is a […]

Faith fuels my ambitions.

Photo by broken.lightsAlthough I can only see what is right in front of me, I am not merely limited by the physical realm. Faith reminds me that there is much more to life than what my eyes can see. Faith unlocks my vision, removing fear and eliminating the limits to my sight.

My words […]

I openly accept family and friends planting hope, experience, kindness, and support in my garden of love.

We are created to be part of a community; therefore, I openly welcome the color and beauty that friends and family add to my life.

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I can sit back and view all the wondrous things life has to offer me.

I can sit back and view all the wondrous things life has to offer me.

When I look at life, I see the many incredible things it can bring me. I am […]