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I am full of fresh ideas.

Photo by Will LionFresh ideas flow from me like rain from a cloud. I can find new ideas anywhere if I look hard enough. A good way to find ideas is by paying attention to the small details around me as well as within me.

My life experiences are an inspiring springboard for a […]

Ideas flow from me like a spring of creativity.

Photo by Auntie KEverywhere I look, I find inspiration for new ideas. My eyes are open to the sources of inspiration all around me. I visualize my thoughts transforming into a beautiful reality.

When I set my mind to it, I come up with brilliant designs by thinking outside the box. My potential is […]

I can manage stress because I know I cannot control the uncontrollable.

I do not sweat the small stuff.

I can manage stress because I accept what is out of my hands. I am only one person and my energy and resources are limited so I let go of the idea that I can change everything.

I recognize that others are involved in the equation. Because I […]

I am slaying mythical expectations by merging my time and energy into dynamic, fresh ideas.

I am brilliant! My thoughts are like wildflowers sprouting up in the most unexpected places and unable to be stopped. I think outside the box and I always have fresh ideas just waiting to be unleashed.