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Live the Life You Desire – Now!

It seems that everything you’ve ever learned is about preparing yourself for a better future. It’s easy to get so caught up in the future that you lose the ability to enjoy the life you’re living right now.

The Power Of The Present

The first thing you should do to take action toward a better […]

I am living fullest in the present moment.

No matter where I want to go or what I want to be, I know that my life is the journey there. Life happens in the here and now – not yesterday or tomorrow – but today. So I live every moment of today to its fullest.

I gratefully acknowledge my past, as that is […]

My possibilities are endless.

Life is such an exciting journey! It is never static and boring, but alive with new possibilities each and every day. As I grow and learn, I find new ways to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that come my way.

One way that I find new opportunities is by stepping outside my comfort […]

The more strongly I believe in my success, the more obstacles fall out of my way.

I have a strong belief in myself and know, without a doubt, that I can succeed in any goal I put my mind to. Confidence like this enables me to find solutions and take actions that can overcome anything that stands in my way.

How can I be so sure of myself? I use tools […]

I can let go of the mistakes of my past.

My past mistakes are just that – part of my past. I live in the present because I cannot change the past and know not what the future holds. I may only influence the present, so I make the most of every moment in the here and now.

Just as all past experiences are part […]