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I am fit for life.

Photo by loop_ohI am physically fit. Good health improves the quality of my life. I feel happy, full of energy, and ready to take on the world.

My body enjoys abundant health because I make smart choices. When I make a decision, I think of the initial impact as well as the long-term effects […]

My life has remarkable worth.

Photo by Kuzeytac (Vacation+Bad internet)I am an individual created for a grand purpose. I am the only one in this world who can do what I am called to do.

There are people who love me more than they are able to express. My family, my friends, and my colleagues think the world of […]

My life is full of joy, health, and happiness.

Photo by tapperboyMy life is filled with everything good. Inside my heart there is an overabundance of positive emotions. When I think about my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all my blessings. True joy is the result of a grateful heart.

There are innumerable sources of joy in my life. My family […]

My life has great meaning and purpose.

I know I am here for a reason. Although I may not know what that reason is, I strive to develop my God-given talents and positively affect every person that touches my life.

Photo by UrvishJEveryone has a purpose! My purpose allows me to express myself in my own unique way, while also giving […]

Years of life lived bring wisdom and resilience.

I am glad for the years of my life. They have made me what I am today – confident, strong, and wise. When I was young, I had none of these qualities, but as the years passed, my experiences developed these strengths.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyJust as physical exercises make my body strong and healthy, […]