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I make the most of each moment.

Photo by Thai JasmineLiving in the present makes my journey through life exciting. I absorb the totality of each moment, breathing in the fullness of life and breathing out any negativity that threatens to creep in.

I let go of any worries coming from my past or regarding my future because when I focus […]

Present Moment Mindset

Present Moment Mindset – Bringing Eastern Philosophy to the West

Photo by h.koppdelaneyYou may have been advised to spend more time in the “present moment,” but what does this really mean? Present moment thinking has been the concentration of eastern religions for thousands of years.

Religion And Philosophy

Some people are tempted to turn […]

I enjoy living fully.

Photo by alicepopkornI enjoy living fully and completely in the now.

Living in the present enables me to let go of my worries about the past or future and completely focus on what is happening now, in this very moment. I am free to relish every sensation and experience it to its fullest.

Focusing […]