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I envision myself in a higher position.

Photo by RunnerJennyI am an excellent employee. I am faithful to my work, arriving early every day and leaving only after my work is complete. Every task I perform is done with passion, because I take pride in my work.

I am passionate about what I do and the company for which I work. […]

My internal flame.

My internal flame grows stronger each day I pursue my passion.

I am filled with resolve to achieve my dreams. The more focused I am, the more determined I become.

The passion inside of me consumes me like a fiery blaze. The winds of life are but mere fuel for my fire. Difficult situations only […]

I can overcome any challenge on my journey to victory.

On my journey to victory, I can overcome any challenge that is set before me like a mountain standing in my way. Armed with courage I push myself to climb as far as it takes to get to the other side. I press on because victory awaits me at the top, but only if I […]

When I am focused, I am unstoppable.

When I am focused, I am like an unstoppable machine on a mission to succeed. I charge ahead with my goals clearly in view. I do whatever needs to be done in order to complete my tasks with excellence.

I rid myself from distractions by placing myself in situations where I know I am able […]

I pursue my dreams with passion.

My dreams are important to me because they are my assignments in life. Believing in the power of my dreams is what allows me to see my dreams come to fruition. Every day, I do everything within my power to pursue my dreams. I exercise my spiritual muscles in order to run the race with […]