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I am blooming right where I am planted.

Photo by Parvin ?( OFF for a while )Where I live is not relevant to how much joy I feel. I can find joy and peace no matter where I am.

My station in life does not control my joy. Joy comes from within, rather than from outside circumstances. I bloom where I am […]

Peace saturates my actions.

Photo by Fabio RiccoMy life is marked by a serenity that follows me everywhere I go. Strife is absent from my daily interactions because I yield my will to the power of peace.

I think before I speak. Peace is the filter through which I run my thoughts before they become actions. I only […]

Peace leads me.

Photo by gadlI follow the way of peace and run from the path of confusion. I have peace with every step I take. I may not always be certain about where I am heading, because I don’t know everything, but I always trust my inner sense of direction.

I take risks without violating my […]

My peace endures through the storm.

Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino┬▓┬│When I am in the midst of the storms of life, my peace enables me to prevail. My peace is everlasting.

The harder life gets, the more I abandon my selfish desires and let the hands of peace carry me. In the hands of peace, my need to be right melts […]

I do more than search for peace; I create it.

Photo by Harold LaudeusI am at peace with others. I seek every opportunity to spread harmony to those around me. Instead of searching for the perfect location or the perfect time to get away from the noise, I create peace for myself right where I am.

Sometimes, I think that if I could only […]