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My positive attitude attracts quality friends.

Photo by scrappy annieMy friends are gracious people who love me just the way I am. I feel good when I am around my friends. Spending time with my friends leaves me feeling a deep sense of happiness.

I am successful at forming valuable relationships through my positive personality. Unafraid to be myself, I […]

Fear is no match for my strong spirit and will.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyMy will and my spirit are stronger than any dart of fear aimed in my direction. When disappointment strikes, I remain confident in myself because I am certain that great success is within my reach.

Though fear may relentlessly try to come against me, my strong will helps me reject fear over […]

My fears are smaller than my feats.

Photo by tozofotoWhen faced with a new adventure, I dare to venture forward with a positive attitude. I choose to focus on my strengths in order to drown out the voice of fear. Peace follows me in every step I take. There is nothing that I will ever face that I do not already […]

When there is darkness.

Photo by EssjayNZWhen there is darkness, a greater light within me guides my way.

Darkness is powerless when I am around because I bring light with me wherever I go. I shine my light boldly and proudly so that others may be uplifted by it.

The light of courage within me outshines the dark […]

I repel all negativity.

I repel all negativity with a positive attitude and an open mind. My upbeat personality attracts other positive people who surround me with an impenetrable circle of joy.

Joy clings to me like a magnet in every situation that I come across. Even when I face trials, I wear a smile on my lips because […]