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How to Change Your Attitude with Positive Self-Talk

Photo by Rooey202If you find that you often slip into negative moods, you’re probably thinking that an attitude adjustment might help you. After all, a positive attitude not only helps you stay happy, but also enables you to accomplish your hopes and dreams.

One of the best ways to improve your overall attitude is […]

Fear is no match for my strong will to succeed.

When feelings of fear start to creep into my mind, I replace these thoughts with the confidence built into my toolkit. Some of these tools include prayer, meditation, affirmations, positive self-talk, an optimistic mindset, and sure-fire success strategies.

Whew! With such an arsenal, it’s no wonder that fear doesn’t have a chance!

A successful […]

Through daily exercise I keep my mind sharp.

Photo by Will Lion Photo by Will LionI use both physical and mental exercises to keep my mind in peak condition. A sharp mind is a boon to living a fulfilling life, so I make it a point to give it a workout every day.

Physical exercise brings my body a fresh supply of […]

My resolutions are achievable and realistic.

Photo by drpWhen I make a resolution, I use a strategy for success that works every time. It enables me to live my life without the fear of consequences or failure.

Before I commit to a resolution, I ensure it is achievable. If so, I make a detailed plan and take action every day. […]

I think I can.

I think I can, therefore anything in the horizon is possible.

Photo by KuzeytacI am always open to the possibility of success. I look for ways to succeed rather than excuses to fail, and so I enjoy the thrills of success. Confidence and an optimistic attitude are the traits that pave the way.

In […]