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Finding Purpose at Your Job

Photo by kevindooleyIs your job a source of stress and frustration? Do you dread each time the alarm sounds? Does your work fail to ignite passion in your heart?

Believe it or not, your employment can provide both the income you need and the fulfillment you crave!

Add To Your Skill Set

One of […]

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be.

The first clue to figuring out your purpose in life is to consider what natural talents, gifts and abilities you’re born with.


If I feel that I may stumble, I consciously decide that I will not revert back to old habits.

I do not sweat the small stuff.

I am the one primarily responsible for my own well being, therefore, I pay attention to the signals that my mind and body send me. I am vigilant in keeping myself from renewing bad habits, especially in those times when it is tempting to slip.

I build and […]

I can build a firewall that filters out stress and reclaims success.

My work is my means for living, and I complement it by actually living it.

I can build a firewall that filters out stress and helps me reclaim my success when I cooperate with the way my Creator made me.

I have let go of the idea that I need to be able to see […]

The more organized I become, the more I feel responsible for my actions.

As I become more organized, I naturally begin to feel more responsible for my own actions. Organization leads to success, and success lead to increased confidence and responsibilities.

Once I have caught a glimpse of my own potential, I am unlikely to go back to allowing life to come at me at random.

If I […]