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Change is necessary as I go through a period of growth.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that you are constantly making exciting discoveries. – Milne

As I reflect on my life, I realize that every growth period was accompanied, and sometimes caused, by important changes. I know now that I must be willing to change if I wish to grow and become the […]

Life provides abundant opportunities for laughter.

I am excited by the presence of a new day.

I know that laughter is good for both my body and mind, so I make a point of cultivating humor in my life.

Sometimes humor comes to me in flashy neon pink, billboard-style, and can’t be missed. But much of the time the laughter in […]

I enjoy regular evenings out to help me let go, reflect, and relax.

I let go of exhaustion and allow peace and tranquility into my life.

My life has a healthy balance of work and play. I welcome the chance to get away from my routine. When I receive an invitation to go out, I make the arrangements necessary to free myself.

I participate in a variety of […]

After deciding what action to take, I act immediately.

Uncertainty does not sway me from my plan of action.

Whenever I begin a task, I take time to make an action plan, and then I jump right in. My plan brings me the confidence to forge ahead, knowing that I deserve great success.

When creating my plan, I divide the task into small, attainable […]

I am devoting some “me” time to my schedule.

Each week I am adding myself to my planner so I can take time out for me. I do this because I value my health and wellbeing. My body, mind and spirit benefit when I recharge my batteries.