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Change is necessary as I go through a period of growth.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that you are constantly making exciting discoveries. – Milne

As I reflect on my life, I realize that every growth period was accompanied, and sometimes caused, by important changes. I know now that I must be willing to change if I wish to grow and become the […]

Change in my life

My expectations come with its own eraser, so I can always make changes at will.

Change in my life is like putting on a new outfit that shows off the fresh, enhanced me.

There is nothing like the feeling of wearing a new outfit for the first time! It shows a new image of me. […]

I am able to speak my thoughts with kind words.

I am committed to fostering healthy relationships, therefore I speak my thoughts kindly. I value my own thoughts and let go of the idea that anyone else’s thoughts are more valid than my own.

I abandon the childish notion that people should be able to read my mind, and instead use effective words to communicate […]

I am a better me today because I endured and overcame conflict.

I am a strong and more confident person because I can overcome conflict. I make the conscious decision to discuss my difficulties, rather than run from them, and I can stand my ground.

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By opening up to others, I am building character and strengthening relationships.

My relationships give me strength. By sharing my thoughts and feelings with others, I build character.

There are times when I am scared […]