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My future is shining brightly.

Photo by Benzene Mohamed Aseel HassanLife is good! I can barely wait to wake up to a new day each morning.

Looking back on my time in the trenches, working my way up the ladder, reminds me how “slow and steady wins the race.” I am living proof that hard work and dedication is […]

I do as I think.

Photo by LukePDQMy thoughts, whether positive or negative, directly affect my actions and decisions.

For example, if my mind is convinced that there is nothing I can do to lose weight, I subconsciously serve myself larger portions. In turn, my hopeless thoughts inhibit my weight loss efforts and, therefore, force the number on the […]

Consistency is the key to my success.

Photo by SilversldrI understand that anything worth having is worth working for. Therefore, I choose to consistently work toward achieving my end result.

Even when I feel drained and overworked, I maintain consistency in all of my efforts and persevere.

As with weight loss, I realize that nothing happens overnight. Can I expect to […]

I manage my time for success.

Photo by alancleaver_2000I am the master of time management! Each moment spent has a defined purpose. I place my priorities toward the top of my to-do list and ensure that these responsibilities get completed.

My priorities change according to the environment I find myself in.

Time is of the essence in my workplace; I […]

My determination sets me up for success.

Photo by suresh_gundappaDaily, I picture myself enjoying great victories. Whatever my heart dreams and my mind envisions, becomes a reality through my determination. In my mind, I am confident that I will succeed because I have an unshakable faith in my abilities.

When a door closes, I keep pounding until it opens because I […]