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I do as I think.

Photo by LukePDQMy thoughts, whether positive or negative, directly affect my actions and decisions.

For example, if my mind is convinced that there is nothing I can do to lose weight, I subconsciously serve myself larger portions. In turn, my hopeless thoughts inhibit my weight loss efforts and, therefore, force the number on the […]

I acknowledge that I cannot control others. I can only control myself.

There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self. – Aldous Huxley

I release the tendency to try to control the thoughts, opinions, or actions of other people and focus, instead, on self-improvement. After all, there is only one person I have power over: myself!

Of […]

I am able to speak my thoughts with kind words.

I am committed to fostering healthy relationships, therefore I speak my thoughts kindly. I value my own thoughts and let go of the idea that anyone else’s thoughts are more valid than my own.

I abandon the childish notion that people should be able to read my mind, and instead use effective words to communicate […]

In my book of life, personal time equals productive time.

Giving myself personal time is a terrific gift. I have learned that personal time allows me to be more productive.

Having the time […]

I need no special circumstance to stop and reflect.

Life is not a race, and I work and live at my own pace. I pause to observe where I am and what I am doing as well as what I need to do next.

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