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Good Partnerships Are Based on Building Trust

Photo by PaDumBumPshTrust is a very important part of any personal or business relationship. Without trust, an air of suspicion always clouds the relationship. Trust is the glue that holds any worthwhile relationship together. Fortunately, you can choose actions that build trust.

Each relationship is different. The steps for establishing trust for a […]

I always follow through.

When I make a commitment to someone, I am true to my word. When I make a commitment to myself, it is no less important than my commitments to others, and I always follow through on what I promise to me.

I make the fulfillment of my promises a priority in my life. I refuse […]

I keep myself accountable to those I trust.

When I keep moving in the right direction, I feel calm.

I have an amazing group of friends whom I can rely on. I share my dreams and goals with them. We trust, love, and support each other. When I share an area of personal growth with them, they hold me accountable.

I am […]