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Age is only a number.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyI am happy with my age. I am past the doubts, trials, and tribulations of youth and I look forward to many years of adding to my wisdom. The way I see it, the more years I experience, the more blessed I am!

Many people my age are concerned about being replaced […]

I value wise counseling.

Photo by angela7dreamsWise words in times of confusion enable me to stay grounded like the anchor on a ship. Instead of being swayed by every wind that comes my way, I seek the advice of experienced people who genuinely care about me.

Seeking wisdom keeps me from wandering in the vast ocean of opportunities. […]

I am a well where others come to draw wisdom.

Photo by ZEDZAP>NickWisdom is the ultimate gift, because it is my guide in life. The conviction that wisdom brings helps me to appreciate all of the other blessings in my life. My character is deeply rooted in my thirst for knowledge.

I am driven by a desire to leave behind a legacy for my […]

I get up quickly when I fall.

I get up quickly when I fall. The experience makes me stronger.

I get up quickly when I fall because my strength is determined by my resolve to move forward, regardless of setbacks. When I am determined to succeed, a simple fall only fuels my drive. No matter how many times I fall, I wipe […]

Fear is no match for my strong spirit and will.

Photo by h.koppdelaneyMy will and my spirit are stronger than any dart of fear aimed in my direction. When disappointment strikes, I remain confident in myself because I am certain that great success is within my reach.

Though fear may relentlessly try to come against me, my strong will helps me reject fear over […]